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Table 2 Community DOTS characteristics in Japan (nurse responses)

From: Psychological changes and associated factors among patients with tuberculosis who received directly observed treatment short-course in metropolitan areas of Japan: quantitative and qualitative perspectives

 Frequencies or mean (SD)N = 88
% or (range)
Community DOTS frequency (multiple answers)
 Once or twice a week1517.0
 Once or twice a month4551.1
 At beginning of Community DOTS44.5
Community DOTS measures (multiple answers)
 Home visits3034.1
 Outpatient care: public health centers3034.1
 Outpatient care: medical clinics1618.2
 Phone call1415.9
Community DOTS impediments (multiple answers)
 Side effects2831.8
 Loss of contact1618.2
 Drug-resistant TB1011.4
 Dysfunction in family89.1
Assessments of the DOTS program practice29.5 (4.4)(18–36)