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Table 3 Logistic regression results of HIV awareness among rural residents in western China (N = 9274)

From: Awareness of HIV/AIDS and its routes of transmission as well as access to health knowledge among rural residents in Western China: a cross-sectional study

VariablesOR95% CIp value
Social-demographic variables
  41–600.5330.4620.615< 0.001
  Above 600.3950.3290.474< 0.001
  Primary1.3401.1371.579< 0.001
  Secondary2.2751.9032.720< 0.001
  Tertiary4.5193.1306.525< 0.001
  Migrant worker1.1370.9281.3940.215
  Salary employee1.3461.0171.7830.038
  Unemployed individuals1.3151.0721.6140.009
 Personal monthly income
  No income1   
  Less than 2000 yuan1.4491.2541.764< 0.001
  2000–4000 yuan1.6361.3232.021< 0.001
  4000 yuan and above1.4121.0111.9710.043
 Cumulative cases of HIV/AIDS
  Less than 50001   
  5000–50,0000.7220.6080.856< 0.001
  50,000 and above1.0240.8821.1880.760
 Proportion of minority population
  Less than 10%1   
  90% and above0.4530.3470.591< 0.001
Access to health knowledge
 NCD (in the last 6 months) and medical instructions
  Do not have an NCD1   
  Living with an NCD with medical instructions1.2181.0231.4510.027
  Living with an NCD without medical instructions0.6890.5420.8750.002
 Had a physical examination (in the last year)    
  Yes1.3101.1251.525< 0.001
 Participated in health education activities (in last 6 months)
  Yes1.4131.2041.658< 0.001
 Received HIV knowledge from medical staff
  Yes2.5572.2442.914< 0.001
 Received HIV knowledge from the mass media
  Yes3.8122.8003.618< 0.001
 Received HIV knowledge from family members
 Received HIV knowledge by socializing
  Yes1.5241.2821.812< 0.001