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Table 1 Timetable of assessments in the CATAPuLT Trial. For Urine testing a minimum of two urine tests should be performed during the 3 months of treatment. These should be done at the review visit for months 1 and 2 of treatment, although the second may be done at the final visit instead if the patient was unable to provide a sample at either of the earlier visits, or additionally at the final visit if there are concerns about adherence, *LFTs Liver function test, **INH Isoniazid

From: Protocol for a cluster randomised control trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of treatment for latent tuberculosis infection in recent migrants within primary care: the CATAPuLT trial

Assessment ToolDay 0Day 15Day 30Day 60Day 90
Questionnaire (Understanding and knowledge of LTBI)X    
Blood tests for LFTs* X   
Pill count / MARS5 tool  XXX
Questionnaire (adherence/ adverse effects)  XXX
Urine test (Colour and INH **metabolites)  XX 
Patient satisfaction questionnaire   X