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Table 3 Age differences in risk perceptions and knowledge related to ticks and tick-borne diseases

From: Who is afraid of ticks and tick-borne diseases? Results from a cross-sectional survey in Scandinavia

Likelihood of being bitten by tick in next 12 months29.2333.1233.2231.8732.1331.8501002660
Likelihood of contracting LB if bitten by tick15.7416.3319.4920.7418.4419.5101002529
Likelihood of contracting TBE if bitten by tick11.6511.2113.9814.3013.0017.4801001822
Perceived seriousness of one tick bite4.5935.0525.5866.0625.4292.5150102632
Perceived seriousness of contracting LB7.6477.6987.8768.1007.8632.0610102538
Perceived seriousness of contracting TBE8.8318.9049.1869.0989.0321.5740101801
Ever heard of Borreliosis0.9000.9720.9730.9830.9640.186012668
Ever heard of TBE0.6030.6960.6990.7420.6960.460012668
Number of correctly identified tick pictures3.9683.9973.7453.3553.7291.114052668
Number of correct answers to knowledge questions2.5343.2103.4413.5103.2531.642062668