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Table 2 Intervention strategies and conceptual frameworks

From: Sustaining the implementation of alcohol management practices by community sports clubs: a randomised control trial

Intervention strategyDescriptionThe Sustainability Framework construct [35]Persuasive Systems Design Framework construct [36]
Club champion• Club champions were members of the club executive (president, vice president, treasure, secretary)
• Club champions primarily engaged with the web-based program on behalf of the club to complete the annual online assessment and action plan.
Environmental support
Organisational capacity
Executive support• Each year, clubs were encouraged to have the alcohol management policy reviewed at the club’s committee meetings by all executive members
• Results from the club’s annual online assessment and action plan were automatically emailed to club executive members.
Environmental support Organisational capacity
Strategic planning
Targeting interactive intervention• Clubs had access to their own club portal where they could update their club contact details and select current annual online assessment or action plan
• A tailored action plan was automatically developed based on responses from the annual online assessment
• Links to appropriate options/strategies and resources were available for all required actions
• Clubs were able to adjust the suggested completion dates for generated action items (within reasonable limits)
• Clubs were able to track their own progress by updating the status of action items (not started/in progress/complete).
Program adaptationTunnelling Tailoring/
personalisation Self-monitoring
Tailored feedback• Clubs received tailored feedback both within the web-based program and via email, based on their completion of the annual online assessment and completion of agreed actions.Program adaptationTunnelling Tailoring/personalisation
Training and support• For any user problems help options were available via email or phone.Organisational capacityEase of use/ accessibility
Tools and resources• Printable instructional materials, sample policies and planning templates were available via the web-based programOrganisational capacityTailoring/ personalisation
Systems and prompts• Email reminders were sent to: prompt annual online assessment completion and when action plan items due dates are approaching or are overdue.Environmental supportReminders and prompts Tailoring/
Communication and marketing• An independent nominee (a community stakeholder) was be sent an email from the program each time their relevant club completed the annual assessment informing them of the club’s progress.Communication PartnershipPraise
Rewards Recognition
Recognition and reward• Automatic notification and praise via emails were sent to club champions and club executives when the annual online assessment and action plan was complete.
• E-newsletter acknowledged club progress in comparison to peers.
Rewards Recognition