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Table 1 Characteristics of the study population and the working environment

From: Fatigue in ferry shipping employees: the role of work-family conflict and supervisor support

Age172 47. 612.4
Gender (female)1911  
School education
 ≥ 7th grade - technical school9057  
 Gymnasium education6843  
Professional education
 Vocational training7745  
 University college and university9455  
Professional group
Living with a partner (yes)13578  
Children under six years old (yes)2515  
Ferry ship company
 Company 115681  
 Company 23719  
 Ferry ship15882  
Number of workdays per week179 3.850.90
Typical time of work
 Day and evening9652  
 Day, evening and night8948  
Sleeping at the workplace/on board (yes)7245  
Physical activity
 0–4 h per week. Low intensity5331  
 ≥ 2 h per week. High intensity11969  
Smoking (yes)4325  
Sleeping troubles (0 (low)-25–50–75-100 (high))176 31.3919.55
Job demands (0 (low)-25–50–75-100 (high))184 48.8614.18
Work-family conflict (0 (low)-25–50–75-100 (high))192 32.2921.55
Support from supervisor (0 (low)-25–50–75-100 (high))186 55.8220.09
SOFI Lack of energy (0 (very low)–6 (very high))166 2.021.55
SOFI Physical exertion (0 (very low)–6 (very high))166 1.211.31
SOFI Physical discomfort (0 (very low)–6 (very high))166 1.481.43
SOFI Lack of motivation (0 (very low) – 6 (very high))166 1.561.45
SOFI Sleepiness (0 (very low)– 6 (very high))166 1.791.40