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Table 2 Baseline and endline economic, food security, decision making, mental health and social support indicators of participants

From: A mixed-methods evaluation of community-based healthy kitchens as social enterprises for refugee women

 Baseline (N = 32)Endline (N = 32)P value
Economic wellbeing
 Household assetsa, number, median [IQR]8 [6.5–9]8 [7–10]NS
 Household expenditure, total monthly USD per capita, median [IQR]162.2 [152.5–165.7]226.4 [168.7–229.1]0.009
  Food expenditure66.6 [57.1–81.6]81.6 [50.0–106.3]0.040
  Clothing expenditure3.0 [0.6–4.0]6.6 [3.9–10.3]0.001
  Entertainment expenditure0.0 [0.0–0.0]0.55 [0–3.8]0.001
 Crowding index (more than 3 household members per sleeping room), n (%)15 (46.9)12 (37.5)NS
Food security
 AFFSS score, median [IQR]4 [2;5]2 [0–3]0.006
  Food secure, n (%)14 (43.8)19 (59.3)NS
  Moderately food insecure, n (%)12 (37.5)8 (25.0)NS
  Severely food insecure, n (%)6 (18.8)5 (15.6)NS
Decision making
 Woman is the sole decision maker regarding:
  Her employment, n (%)14 (43.8)17 (53.1)NS
  Preparation of daily meals, n (%)18 (56.3)22 (68.8)NS
  Visiting family, n (%)12 (37.5)16 (50.0)NS
  Major household expenditures, n (%)3 (9.4)13 (40.6)0.038
  Minor household expenditures, n (%)22 (68.8)22 (68.8)NS
  Family planning, n (%)10 (31.3)10 (31.3)NS
  Seeking healthcare, n (%)16 (50.0)19 (59.4)NS
  Taking medication, n (%)19 (59.4)22 (68.8)NS
Reported health
 Self-reported health, median [IQR]3 [2–4]4 [3–4]NS
 Mental health inventory score, median [IQR]40.9 [22.7–72.7]57.14 [28.6–83.3]NS
Social support
 Social support score (DSSI), median [IQR]24 [22–25]24 [21–25.5]NS
  1. [IQR] Interquartile range, AFFSS Arab family food security scale
  2. a Household asset index was constructed as a sum of ownership of vehicle, fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, washing machine, computer, air conditioner, hot water boiler, mp3 player, land line, mobile phone, internet line and satellite subscription