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Table 1 Percentage distribution of low and high birth weight for some covariates and the bivariate Pearson Chi-square test

From: Spatial quantile regression with application to high and low child birth weight in Malawi

VariableBirth weight less than 2.5 kgBirth weight more than 4.5 kgPearson Chi-squared (P-value)
Mother age at birth
 < 2015.44.724.93 (<0.001)
Birth order
 115.04.428.41 (<0.001)
Mother smoking
 Smoke tobacco14.05.60.02 (0.992)
 Does not12.35.3
Mother education
 No education13.38.019.10 (<0.001)
Wealth index
 Poorest13.56.320.49 (<0.001)