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Table 3 Linear regression results of physical activity levels associated with Health-Related Quality of Life (EQ-5D index and EQ-VAS)

From: Patterns of physical activity and health-related quality of life amongst patients with multimorbidity in a multi-ethnic Asian population

 EQ-5D IndexEQ-VAS
Variableβ95% CIpβ95% CIp
Activity Level
 Insufficiently Active−0.05−0.08 - -0.03< 0.001−4.4−6.4 - -2.4< 0.001
 Sufficiently Activeref  ref  
  1. Bold print highlights statistically significant β value
  2. EQ-5D European Quality of Life - 5 Dimension, β standardized coefficient, 95% CI 95% confidence interval of β