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Table 2 Individual participants’ demographic and smoking history details

From: Using a nominal group technique to approach consensus on a resilience intervention for smoking cessation in a lower socioeconomic population

Pseudo-nymSexAge RangeAge when started smokingAverage number of cigarettes smoked per dayCurrent smoking statusPrevious quit attemptsReasons for quitting now
(Ariana)F40–501720SmokerNicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) whole of June 2018.Health and financial reasons.
(Lucy)F50–6021Normally 10, more if stressed (up to 20)SmokerTried to quit 3 times. Birth of 2 children ~ 30 years ago (5 years and 8 years without smoking). Plus 5 years ago for a year.Good health and financial.
(Paul)M50–6013Now 8–12SmokerSeveral times, up to 11 months, mostly by fitness training and also meditation, motivational books and affirmations.Health, money, stench, don’t like being dependent.
(George)M50–60166–10Smoker6 years ago for 2 years using neuro blocking tablets.New found passion requires clear breathing underwater (scuba diving).
(Angela)F20–301515SmokerOn day 2 without smoking
(Megan)F40–501310SmokerTo be healthy.
(Elizabeth)F40–501615–20SmokerYes on Champix, gave up for 3 months.Health.
(Maria)F40–501310 or moreSmokerYes at 40 years old for 2 years.Turning 50.
(Jason)M30–40167SmokerReduce. Not quit.Too expensive.
(Sophie)F30--40152SmokerI was able to reduce the amount I smoked from approx. 10, to 4, to 2.Start a family.
(Zoe)F60–701915Smoker3 days.Social outcast (‘treated less than human’). Cost is driving people to cheaper drugs – like ice/meth/grass.
(Andrea)F40–501415Non-smokerWith patches and support from family, I quit 5 months ago, still not smoking.
(Raymond)M30–401315–25Non-smoker2010 with Champix for 6 months. April 2018, nicotine patches still not smoking.
(Evonne)F40–502110–12SmokerNRT– 1.5 years.Poor cardiovascular health.
(Sonia)F50–601620SmokerLongest was 1 year.Money, illness.