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Table 1 Variables considered in the questionnaire and description of measures

From: The association between stressful life events and perceived quality of life among women attending infertility treatments: the moderating role of coping strategies and perceived couple’s dyadic adjustment

Socio-demographic CharacteristicsSingle item Questions (2 items)Age in years Educational Level (Senior School/ College)
Infertility Related CharacteristicsSingle Item Questions (3 items)Type of Diagnosis (Male, Female, Combined, Unexplained) Type of Treatment (IVF, ICSI, IUI) Duration of Infertility in years
Stressful Life EventsStress-inducing events in the couples’ lives Questionnaire (FLS) [43] (3 items)Stressful events in the family of origin (Absence/Presence) In family pre-existing pregnancy difficulties (Absence/Presence) Health problems in childhood (Absence/Presence)
Coping StrategiesCoping Orientations to Problem Experienced- New Italian version (COPE-NVI) [56, 57] (60 items, 5-point scale)Problem Solving (Cronbach α = 0.83; cut-off = 32.0)
Positive Attitude (Cronbach α = 0.76; cut-off = 30.9)
Social Support (Cronbach α = 0.91; cut-off = 27.7)
Avoidance (Cronbach α = 0.70; cut-off = 23.5)
Turning to religion (Cronbach α = 0.85; cut-off = 22.7)
Dyadic AdjustmentDyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS) [58, 59] (32 items, 6-point scale)Total Score (satisfaction, cohesion, consensus, affectional expression) (Cronbach α = 0.93; cut-off = 115.0)
Fertility Quality of LifeFertility Quality of Life Questionnaire (FertiQoL) [20,21,22] (36 items, 5-point scale)Core FertiQoL (Cronbach α = 0.92; cut-off = 54.6)
Treatment FertiQoL (Cronbach α = 0.92; cut-off = 60.4)