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Table 2 Responses of Study Respondents to the Questions on Knowledge of Stroke (n = 4096)

From: Knowledge on the action to be taken and recognition of symptoms of stroke in a community: findings from the May Measurement Month 2017 blood pressure screening Programme in Malaysia

VariablesYes, n (%)No, n (%)
Which organ of the body is affected by stroke?
 Brain2484 (63.0)
 Kidney82 (2.0)
 Lung51 (1.3)
 Heart631 (16.0)
 Liver19 (0.5)
 I don’t know673 (17.1)
Which are the important symptoms of stroke?
 Facial Asymmetry3593 (88.0)489 (12.0)
 Sudden difficulty in speaking / slurred speech2765 (92.1)325 (7.9)
 Weakness of one side of the body3685 (90.3)397 (9.7)
 Paralysis of one side of the body3698 (90.6)385 (9.4)
 Numbness tingling sensation of one side of the body3382 (82.9)697 (17.1)
Is stroke preventable?3410 (83.4)678 (16.6)
Can a person have stroke more than once?3359 (82.2)728 (17.8)
Does stroke have any effect on any of these daily activities?
 Dressing yourself3023 (74.1)1059 (25.9)
 Going to the toilet without help2893 (70.9)1188 (29.1)
 Being able to work2569 (63.0)1510 (37.0)
 Driving a car2496 (61.2)1584 (38.8)
What would you do if you suffer from a stroke? *
 Go to hospital within 4.5 h3017 (74.2)1047 (25.8)
 Go to hospital within same day3343 (82.1)727 (17.9)
 Visit alternative health care providers1283 (31.6)2774 (68.4)
 Combination of hospital and tradition1908 (47.0)2154 (53.0)
 Seek spiritual healing2196 (54.0)1868 (46.0)
  1. * Respondents were allowed to answer more than one option for question on: “what types of action to be taken during stroke”