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Table 2 Baseline clinical, Laboratory, ART and other medication related information of HIV patients on chronic HIV care at Debre-Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

From: Incidence and predictors of tuberculosis among HIV-positive adults on antiretroviral therapy at Debre Markos referral hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: a retrospective record review

CharacteristicsFrequency (N)Percentage (%)
WHO clinical staging
 I / II30461.8
 III /IV18838.2
CD4 count
 <  10011323.0
 > = 35111523.4
Functional status
 Ambulatory /bed redden7314.9
Hemoglobin level
 <  10 g/dl449.6
 > = 10 g/gl41690.4
 Not Underweight34770.5
Eligible criteria
 CD4 cell count19940.5
 WHO stage4910.0
 Test & treat8918.2
 Not recorded387.7
Initial regimen
 1d = ZDV-3TC EFV112.2
 1c = ZDV-3TC- NVP367.3
 1e = TDF-3TC-EFV42386.2
 1f = TDF-3TF-NVP153.1
Past TB history