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Table 4 Comparisons of monetary values of health behaviours estimated based on income with/without indirect effect adjustment

From: A life satisfaction approach to valuing the impact of health behaviours on subjective well-being

VariablesDirect effect of incomeFull (direct and indirect) effect of income
β CoefficientMonetary valuecβ CoefficientMonetary value
Logarithm (household income)0.09an/a0.23bn/a
Leisure time physical activity
 Moderately active0.08$815/week0.08$407/week
Frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption (daily)0.02$276/week0.02$115/week
  1. aIncome coefficient was obtained from the full life satisfaction model in Table 2
  2. bIncome coefficient was the sum of direct (Table 2) and indirect (Table 3) effect of income
  3. cMonetary value was estimated using the formula: M0 – e[ln(M0)- β2/ β1]
  4. M0: Annual average household income: $71,975; β1: coefficient of income (Bold); β2: coefficient of health behaviours