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Table 1 Characteristics of the study population (individuals living in multi-storey housing in 2017). Percentages

From: Neighbour noise annoyance is associated with various mental and physical health symptoms: results from a nationwide study among individuals living in multi-storey housing

 Annoyed by noise from neighbours  
Yes, very annoyedYes, slightly annoyedNoTotalNo. of respondents
All 6.728.964.4100.03509
 16–24 y.7.634.957.5100.0534
 25–44 y.8.533.657.9100.01208
 45–64 y.6.427.765.9100.0905
  ≥ 65 y.2.916.680.5100.0862
Cohabitation status
 Married or cohabiting6.028.066.0100.01779
 Not married or cohabiting7.329.862.9100.01730
 Basic school5.825.668.7100.0224
 Upper secondary or vocational school8.129.662.3100.01024
 Higher education5.929.065.1100.01560
Degree of urbanisation
 Densely populated area6.730.462.8100.02337
 Thinly populated area7.526.566.0100.0665
Country of origin
 Other western7.727.065.3100.0178
Owner/tenant status