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Table 1 Participants’ socio-demography, HIV status and HIV-risk related behaviours (N = 221)

From: Consistent condom use and its predictors among female sexual Partners of People who Inject Drugs in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Participants’ characteristicsn%
Marital status
 Married to their current partner15369.2
 Not married to their current partner6830.8
Study Location
Age group*
 Youth (≤ 25 years)136.1
 Young adults (26–35 years)6530.2
 Middle-aged adults (36–50 years)10950.7
 Older adults (≥51 years)2813.0
Highest education attainment
 Never attended school or did not finish primary education219.5
 Completed primary education6529.4
 Completed secondary education12255.2
 Completed tertiary education135.9
Employment status
 Not working6629.9
 Working part time5826.2
 Working full time9743.9
History of drug use in the last 12 months
 Used injectable drugs209.1
 Used non-injectable drugs6730.3
 Never used any drugs13460.6
Had more than one sex partner
Involved in sex work
Participants’ HIV status
Partners’ HIV status
HIV concordance
 Both HIV positive52.3
 Sero-discordant (woman +ve, partner -ve or unknown)94.1
 Sero-discordant (woman -ve or unknown, partner +ve)125.4
 Both HIV negative or unknown19588.2
  1. *6 participants did not respond