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Table 6 Children’s satisfaction with toilet facilities at endline among student attending in intervention and control schools

From: The impact of an operation and management intervention on toilet usability in schools in the Philippines: a cluster randomised controlled trial

n = 160
n = 160
RR or Mean Diff
(95% CI)
Accessibility: Children say they can access the toilet whenever they need to63%69%1.1 (0.77–1.54)
p = 0.637
Functionality: Children say their toilet has everything they need61%80%1.3 (1.09–1.567)
p = 0.005
Privacy: Children say they do not worry about people walking in on them when they are using the toilet?52%48%0.9 (0.75–1.18)
p = 0.596
Quality scoring (10-point score)8.62 (1.62)9.05 (1.31)+ 0.43 (0.03–0.84)
p = 0.035