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Table 5 Student to toilet ratio at baseline and endline by usability and quality measures among intervention and control schools

From: The impact of an operation and management intervention on toilet usability in schools in the Philippines: a cluster randomised controlled trial

 Accessible toiletsaFunctional toiletsbPrivate toiletscHigh quality toiletsdAccessible, Functional, Private and high quality c
Mann - Whitneyp = 0.28p = 0.283p = 1.000p = 0.65p = 0.471
  1. aAccessibility defined as door is not locked
  2. bFunctional defined as water is available for flushing in either cubicle or block
  3. cPrivacy defined as: no large gaps /hole in structure, toilet has a door, which closes completely, and locks from the inside. Toilets intended for pre-primary children can be classified as private without a lock on the inside
  4. dHigh quality toilets defined as those which scored more than 8.5/ 10 across a range of quality indicators