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Table 1 Covariate measurement and attributes

From: Does internet use affect levels of depression among older adults in China? A propensity score matching approach

Gender1 = male vs. 0 = femaleA dichotomous variable
AgeRange from 60 to 98A continuous variable
Urban or Rural1 = urban vs. 0 = ruralA dichotomous variable
Marital status1 = marriage/cohabitation vs. 0 = single/ widowedA dichotomous variable
Living condition1 = living alone vs. 0 = living with othersA dichotomous variable
Pensions1 = yes vs. 0 = noA dichotomous variable
Education background1: nursery 2: kindergarten 3: primary school 4: junior high school 5: senior high school 6: college or universityThe higher the score, the higher the level of education background
Physical healthRange from 1 to 5The higher the score, the worse the health status of the participants
Life satisfactionRange from 1 to 5The higher the score, the higher the life satisfaction of the participants
Intelligence levelRange from 1 to 10The higher the score, the higher the intelligence level of the participants marked by interviewers