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Table 3 Prevalence of dyslipidemia by some cardiovascular risk factors

From: Prevalence and risk factors for dyslipidemia among adults in rural and urban China: findings from the China National Stroke Screening and prevention project (CNSSPP)

Risk factors (N)(%)(%)(%)(%)(%)
Male (70,563)14247239
Female (66,383)91692212
Normal/underweight (48,953)10177169
Overweight (60,006)112182411
Obese (27,986)1323103013
Diabetic (95,407)132292612
Non- diabetic (41,537)111982110
Hypertensive (85,435)132092512
Non-hypertensive (51,510)10207199
Smoker (44,851)10238239
Non-Smoker (92,095)121982211
Drinker (26,166)112082610
Non-drinker (11,0778)112082211
Physical activity (52,054)122092411
Physical inactivity (84,891)112082210
  1. LDL-C raised low-density lipoprotein; HDL-C low high-density lipoprotein; TG raised triglycerides TC raised total cholesterol; N total number of subjects