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Table 4 Availability of health service, easiness to get service, distance and time taken to reach facility with skilled attendant in Gura Dhamole woreda, Bale zone, Southeast, Ethiopia, April, 2017

From: Utilization of skilled birth attendant at birth and associated factors among women who gave birth in the last 24 months preceding the survey in Gura Dhamole Woreda, Bale zone, southeast Ethiopia

VariablesResponseFrequencyPercentage (%)
Presence of HF which gives delivery service in your areaYes29275.5
Rating the easiness for getting institutional delivery servicesVery easy9324
Very difficult10326.6
Distance from nearest HF with SBA in kilo meters< 5 km11630
5-10 km12632.6
10 km and above14537.4
Time taken to nearby HF with SBA< 1 h9223.8
1-2 h6516.8
2 h and above23059.4
Can you get transportation services to visit HF with SBAYes25365.4
Do not know164.1
Can you afford to pay for transportation services to visit HFYes21154.5
Heard about presence of free ambulance service for labouring motherYes34889.9
Used free ambulance service for transportation to HF during your last pregnancy and child birthYes4611.9
Decision maker about the past place of deliveryMyself14337
My husband/ Mother- in- law/Others5714.7
Both of us (Me and my husband)18748.3