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Table 4 Comparison of burnout rates among our sample and previously published studies among GPs in other countries

From: Prevalence of burnout and associated factors among general practitioners in Hubei, China: a cross-sectional study

Authors and yearStudy populationSample sizeMale (%)Age at baselineBurnout ratesComparable the present study data
Kirwan and Armstrong, 1995Britain, British GPs24581.6NAMean score of 26.1 for EE, 9.8 for DP; 36.2 for PAEE, DP and PA: higher
Grassi and Magnani, 2000Italy, Italian GPs18274.7Mean = 42.3High EE burnout in 32%; high DP burnout in 27%; high PA burnout in 13%EE and DP: higher; PA: lower
Thommasenet et al., 2001Canada, Canada GPs13174Mean = 43.6Moderate to high EE burnout in 80%; moderate to high DP burnout in 61%; moderate to high PA burnout in 44%EE and DP: higher; PA: lower
Cathebras et al., 2004France, French GPs30639.8Mean = 46.95% scored high in all three dimensionsOverall burnout: higher
Goehring et al., 2005Switzerland, Swiss
primary care doctor
175583.6Mean = 50.8High EE burnout in 19%; high DP burnout in 22%; high PA burnout in 16%; 3.5% scored high in all three dimensionsEE and PA: lower; DP: higher; Overall burnout: higher
Soler et al., 2008Europe, European GPs139354.6Mean = 45.4High EE burnout in 43%; high DP burnout in 35%; high PA burnout in 32%; 12% scored high in all three dimensionsEE and DP: higher; PA: comparable; Overall burnout: higher
Brøndt et al., 2008Denmark, Danish GPs37760.7Mean = 51.82.8% scored high in allthree dimensionsOverall burnout: comparable
Lee et al., 2008Canada, Canada Family physicians12362.6Median = 47High EE burnout in 47.9%; high DP burnout in 46.3%; high PA burnout in 17.4%EE and DP: higher; PA: lower
Yaman and Soler, 2002Europe, European GPs9859Mean = 43.2Mean score of 25.1 for EE, 7.3 for DP; 34.5 for PAEE and DP: higher; PA: comparable
O’Dea et al., 2017Ireland, Irish GPs68350.2<40, 40–70High EE burnout in 52.7%; high DP burnout in 31.6%; high PA burnout in 16.3%; 6.6% scored high in all three dimensionsEE and DP: higher; PA: lower; Overall burnout: higher
Orton et al.,2012UK, UK GPs56468.5NAHigh EE burnout in 46%; high DP burnout in 42%; high PA burnout in 34%EE and DP: higher; PA: comparable
Arigoni et al.,2009Switzerland, Swiss GPs14132NAHigh EE burnout in 36%; high DP burnout in 36%; high PA burnout in 15%EE and DP: higher; PA: lower
  1. Note: Abbreviations: DP Depersonalization, EE Emotion exhaustion, GP General practitioner, NA Not available, PA Personal accomplishment