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Table 2 CHE-s items’ overview

From: The Caregiving Health Engagement Scale (CHE-s): development and initial validation of a new questionnaire for measuring family caregiver engagement in healthcare

CHE_1I feel in blackoutI feel alertI am awareI’m positive
CHE_2I feel lostI’m in alarmI am consciousI feel serene
CHE_3I feel overwhelmed by emotionsI’m anxious every time a new symptom appearsI feel to have adjusted to my loved one’s illnessI have a sense of consistency and continuity in my life despite his/her illness
CHE_4I feel totally crushed by the diseaseI distress a lot when a new symptom appearsOverall I feel I have accepted his/her illnessI can make sense of my life despite his/her illness
CHE_5I cannot understand what my loved one would need to get betterI understand what my loved one would need, but I cannot help him/herI understand what my loved one would need and sometimes I can help him/herI can anticipate the needs of my loved one and help him/her effectively
CHE_6Right now I do not feel able to assist my loved one aloneAssisting my loved one absorbs my time and energyI found an acceptable balance between the need for assistance of my loved-one and my daily activitiesI feel able to manage my life projects and the assistance to my loved one in a renewed normality
CHE_7I delegate to the health professionals the decisions related to the care of my loved oneI need constant confirmations by the health providers to make decisions about my loved one’s careI can recognize when it is necessary to contact the health professionals to make a decision about his/her treatmentI actively collaborate with my loved one’s health professionals