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Table 1 Fixed and variable costs, by Arm and clinic type

From: An integrated health delivery platform, targeting soil-transmitted helminths (STH) and canine mediated human rabies, results in cost savings and increased breadth of treatment for STH in remote communities in Tanzania

Arm Arm A Arm B Arm C
Fixed Costs 3640 8000 11,640 3900 8584
Variable Costs 169 484 653 115 434
Total costs 3808 8484 12,292 4015 9018
  1. “Fixed costs” include i) event-level fixed costs not attributable to clinics, which were allocated equally across all events, and ii) event-level fixed costs attributable to either clinic type (MDA or MDRV), which were attributed equally across all rabies or deworming events, respectively. Because there were two clinics for each Arm A event, the event-level fixed costs not attributable to clinics were allocated equally across both clinics in Arm A and were therefore half that allocated to Arm B or C. Variable costs per clinic were dose-specific costs multiplied by the number of doses delivered. Costs in 2016 US dollars