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Table 2 Estimating death rates in Approach 2

From: Using data on snus use in Sweden to compare different modelling approaches to estimate the population health impact of introducing a smoke-free tobacco product

  Historical tobacco habits Death rate in situation  
Group Smoking Snus use A B Difference
1 Never Never N N None
2 Never Former N F Higher in B
3 Never Current N C Higher in B
4 Former Never F F None
5 Former Former F F None
6 Former Current F C Higher in B
7 Current Never C C None
8 Current Former C C None
9 Current Current C C None
  1. For the nine tobacco use groups, Table 2 shows the death rates that would apply in situation A, which concerns the historical number of deaths in males from a specified disease that did occur in Sweden in a defined year, and in situation B, which concerns the hypothetical number that would have occurred in that year if snus users had smoked cigarettes instead. N is the death rate in never smokers, F is that in former smokers and C is that in current smokers