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Table 3 Local steering committee members’ (including Local Project Managers) perception of needs and benefits of the HKCC/organizational characteristics

From: An early implementation assessment of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge: results from a survey of key stakeholders

Local steering committee members’ (including Local Prooject Managers) perception of needs and benefits of the HKCC.
Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statementsa (n = 320)YesOtherPrefer not to answer/Missing
 a. The HKCC program benefits my community93.16.60.3
 b. The program enhances access to programs and activities in the community88.311.40.3
 c. The HKCC is effective in increasing knowledge of health behaviours in my community83.116.20.7
 d. HKCC contributes to a sense of community77.622.40
 e. I believe it is effective in changing health behaviours in my community63.834.50.7
 f. I believe the HKCC is effective in reducing childhood OW/O in my community53.146.20.7
Local steering committee members’ perceptions of organizational characteristics.
Please respond to the following statements (n = 269)YesOtherPrefer not to answer/Not applicable
 a. The local steering committee has collaborated effectively to facilitate HKCC implementation89.28.91.8
 b. There is strong leadership on the local steering committee86.311.91.9
 c. There is trust among members of the local steering committee84.411.93.7
 d. The local steering committee has a process for decision-making80.414.84.9
 e. Community champion(s) have supported the implementation of HKCC activities in our community77.018.64.5
 f. Sub-committees from the local steering committee were helpful in planning and implementing HKCC related activities66.917.515.6
  1. Missing responses constituted between 2.5 and 21.7% of the total responses; percentage excluding missing is reported
  2. aYes = Strongly Agree/Agree; Other = Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Disagree or Strongly Disagree)