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Table 3 Percentage of modern contraceptive users among women living with HIV by their reproductive health related characteristics, Enemay district, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018 (N = 632)

From: Associated factors of modern contraceptive use among women infected with human immunodeficiency virus in Enemay District, Northwest Ethiopia: a facility-based cross-sectional study

Reproductive health related characteristicsTotal participantsModern contraceptive users
History of giving birth
Number of births (n = 498)
Number of children alive (N = 498)
Ever experienced abortion
Number of Abortions (N = 91)
Ever heard about Modern contraceptives
Modern contraceptives methods ever heard abouta
Source of informationa
 Health Professionals Advice58091.836758.1
 Reading books/leaflets9214.6619.7
Counseled on modern contraceptives
Ever discussed with husband/partner on contraceptives
Reasons to choose currently used contraceptive methoda
 Health professionals advice17026.917026.9
 Self interest18228.818228.8
 Partner agreement142.2142.2
 Perceived less side effect121.9121.9
 Easy to use121.9121.9
  1. aSince multiple answers are possible, the frequencies and percentages could not add up 632 and 100% respectively