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Table 7 Questionnaire of mental retirement

From: Development of a new measure for mental retirement; testing of a three-factor structure of mental retirement in different subgroups

Items of mental retirement
 Developmental proactivity
  1 In my work, I keep trying to learn new things.
  2 I think about how I can keep doing a good job in the future.
  3 In my work, I search for people from whom I can learn something.
  4 With regard to my skills and knowledge, I see to it that I can cope with changes in my work.
 Work engagement
  1 At my work, I feel bursting with energy.
  2 At my job, I feel strong and vigorous.
  3 I am enthusiastic about my job.
  4 My job inspires me.
  5 When I get up in the morning, I feel like going to work.
  6 I am proud on the work that I do.
 Perceived appreciation
  1 Do you feel appreciated in your current job?