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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Fluoride concentration in ground water and prevalence of dental fluorosis in Ethiopian Rift Valley: systematic review and meta-analysis

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
− Country and setting: Ethiopian rift valley The article did not contain original data or observations
− Study design: Cross-sectional Study subjects were not humans
− Measurement: The concentration of fluoride in ground water and prevalence of dental fluorosis Fluoride concentration was not measured or estimated
− Types of article: Peer-reviewed and published in English language Dental fluorosis was not reported using the three-severity level
− Publication year: up to December, 2018 The mean and standard deviation of Fluoride concentration was not reported
− Undertook laboratory works: Reported type of laboratory tests and the respective result Being a review study
− Measurable outcomes: dental fluorosis (Dean’s index) Being none related to fluoride in ground water supplies and dental fluorosis