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Table 3 Criteria for selection of effective methods for diet and physical activity changes

From: Development of interventions for an intelligent and individualized mobile health care system to promote healthy diet and physical activity: using an intervention mapping framework

Inclusion criteria Source
General criteria
1. Focus on diet change or physical activity change Research team discussion
2. Safe for the target patients
 (1) The intensity, frequency, content of the intervention should be certified by experts.
 (2) The intervention will not increase the rate of acute cardiovascular events.
 (3) Strategies to protect patients’ privacy are covered in the study.
Literature review, research team discussion
3. Feasible to implement
 (1) Affordable to implement.
 (2) Practical with limited human resources
Literature review, focus group
Desirable criteria
4. With high effectiveness in diet change or physical activity change
 (1) internal validity:
 •Odds ratio > 0.8
 •Effect size (r > 0.3 or d > 0.2)
 (2) external validity:
Intervention were found to be effectiveness in many literatures
Literature review/expert consultation
5. Consider the circumstances In-depth interview, focus group
6. Met patients’ needs In-depth interview
7. Culturally appropriate In-depth interview, literature review
8. More attention to life In-depth interview
9. Simple In-depth interview
10. Clear In-depth interview
11. Easy to understand In-depth interview
12. Appropriate for patients with coronary heart disease In-depth interview
13. Enjoyable In-depth interview
14. Personalized In-depth interview, focus group, literature review
15. Considerate In-depth interview
16. Accept interruption In-depth interview
17. With incentive In-depth interview
18. Visible In-depth interview
19. Appropriate frequency In-depth interview, focus group
20. Continuous In-depth interview, focus group
21. Self-monitoring functions available Literature review
22. Alert functions available Research team discussion, literature
23. Interactive function available In-depth interview, focus group, Literature review