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Table 2 Proportion of specific aspects in parents with child-rearing problems

From: Using epidemiological data to identify needs for child-rearing support among Chinese parents: a cross-sectional survey of parents of children aged 6 to 35 months in 15 Chinese cities

ProblemsSpecific aspectsNMajor difficulties (%)Moderate difficulties (%)Minimal difficulties (%)No Difficulties (%)
FeedingUnwilling to eat by herself/ himself22125.2921.6215.8758.36
Eat less22124.3823.9818.3753.51
Picky eater22124.1424.3118.1653.71
Not drink milk22123.278.6724.1463.84
SleepingSleep with milk or eating before bed22025.7717.3920.8955.77
Patting or holding to sleep22024.2215.8419.6659.45
Can’t get to sleep by herself/ himself when wake up at night22023.9111.2519.1265.67
Sleep in day-time and awake at night22022.008.9020.8068.26
Gross motor21802.209.8122.0266.19
BehaviorDifficulties in car21842.2418.2715.9861.81
Always interfere with others21771.1916.5115.6265.64
Hurting Others21850.554.9317.4476.89
EmotionalSeparation anxiety21804.1320.4315.2359.27
Keep crying21711.4716.5515.8965.59
Take careTake care of more than one child at a time21631.1110.8915.3071.80
Others 22290.303.8012.3083.70