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Table 6 Odds ratio for unit change in road network proximity to motorway access point for odds of total walking and cycling, and walking and cycling by type, by study area

From: Local walking and cycling by residents living near urban motorways: cross-sectional analysis

Study Area Type of walking and cycling in local area
Odds ratio (95% CI) for total walking and cycling Odds ratio (95% CI) for walking and cycling as active travel Odd ratio (95% CI) for walking and cycling for recreation
South (new motorway) 1.07 (0.49,2.34) 0.96 (0.46,1.98) 0.73 (0.49,1.11)
East (longstanding motorway) 2.02 (0.98,4.16) 2.03 (1.00,4.12)* 1.53 (0.77,1.74)
North (no motorway) 1.23 (0.51,2.97) 1.33 (0.55,3.21) 0.63 (0.36,1.09)
  1. Models adjusted for age, gender, home ownership, regular activities outside the home, car ownership, difficulty walking and years lived in the local area
  2. *p value =0.05