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Table 1 Statistical description of incidence and potential risk factors of HFMD

From: Spatial-temporal variation and risk factor analysis of hand, foot, and mouth disease in children under 5 years old in Guangxi, China

Incidence (1/100,000)1440.991.5919,185.45146.39556.081492.35
PRE (mm)53.3137.4578.2348.2253.6456.90
RHU (%)80.4876.2683.9479.0680.8381.57
TEM (°C)21.1017.7423.3619.8921.3322.53
POP (person/km2)219.8241.681611.64115.85162.59244.42
POP_4 (person/km2)16.732.0679.288.2112.0120.09
GDP (107CNY)1528.09196.2916,886.57559.041081.771901.63
Primary_indu (%)23.500.8842.1818.0723.5929.01
Secondary_indu (%)40.9817.1665.8433.4640.9249.34
Tertiary_indu (%)35.5217.3762.3928.5135.9340.76
  1. Not including Nanning and Beihai
  2. PRE Precipitation, RHU Relative humidity, TEM Temperature, POP Gross population density, POP_4 Population density of children under 5 years old, GDP Gross domestic product, Primary_indu Proportion of primary industry, Secondary_indu proportion of secondary industry, Tertiary_indu Proportion of tertiary industry