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Table 2 Intervention Mapping stages 1–4 based on Bartholomew et al. [19]

From: Supporting carers of stroke survivors to reduce carer burden: development of the Preparing is Caring intervention using Intervention Mapping

1) Needs assessment (Logic model of the problem) • Understanding the problem and the factors that influence the problem to create a logic model of the problem.
• Establishing the overall programme goal.
2) Developing programme outcomes and performance objectives (Logic model of change) • Considering what needs to be achieved to reach the overall programme goal and developing a logic model of change. This involves:
Stating the behavioural and environmental outcomes of the intervention.
Specifying the performance objectives to reach the outcomes
Selecting appropriate theoretical determinants for the matrices of change
Developing matrices of change
3) Selecting theoretical methods and practical applications (Programme design) • Focusing on how the goals, outcomes and objectives can be achieved by:
Generating programme ideas.
Selecting theoretical methods
Selecting appropriate practical applications
4) Creating an organised programme plan (Programme production) • Drawing ideas together to create detailed plans for a coherent intervention including a programme, scope and sequence document and design documents.