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Table 2 Centers participating in the DESSEIN study

From: From prospective clinical trial to reducing social inequalities in health: The DESSEIN trial, concept and design of a multidisciplinary study in precarious patients with breast cancer

Name of the center City Type of health care center
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou Paris Public
Hôpital Saint Louis Paris Public
Hôpital de Marne la Vallée Marne-La-Vallée Public
Hôpital André Mignot Versailles Public
Hôpital Delafontaine Saint-Denis Public
Clinique Hartmann Neuilly Private
Hôpital Les Peupliers Paris Private
Clinique St Faron Mareuil-les-Meaux Private
Centre hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil Créteil Public
Centre hospitalier Intercommunal de Poissy-St Germain Poissy Public
Centre hospitalier sud francilien Corbeil-Essonnes Public
Hôpital Lariboisière Paris Public
Centre hospitalier Victor Dupouy Argenteuil Public
Hôpital Privé Paul D’Egine Champigny sur Marne Private
Hôpital Saint Joseph Paris Private
Institut de Cancérologie Paris Nord Sarcelles Private
Clinique Claude Bernard Ermont Private
Centre hospitalier Marie-Thérèse Paris Private
Hôpital Kremlin Bicêtre Le Kremlin Bicêtre Public
Centre hospitalier René Dubos Pontoise Public
Clinique de l’Estrée Stains Private