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Table 5 Healthcare and Social Service Provider Demographics

From: HIV prevention and HIV care among transgender and gender diverse youth: design and implementation of a multisite mixed-methods study protocol in the U.S.

 Total Sample
(n = 59)
Age in Years (range 23–63; n = 58)41.811.2
Latinx/Hispanic Ethnicity815.7
 American Indian/ Alaska Native11.7
 Asian/ Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander23.4
 Black or African American1220.3
 Another Race00
Gender Identity
 Cisgender Female3864.4
 Cisgender Male1016.9
 Non-Binary (Genderqueer, Genderfluid)58.5
 Trans-Feminine (Female, Transgender woman)58.5
 Trans-Masculine (Male, Transgender Man)11.7
Professional Rolea
 Medical provider2542.4
 Mental health professional1830.5
 Case manager/care coordinator1118.6
 HIV test counselor46.8
 Health educators/outreach worker915.3
  1. a Providers could indicate more than one professional role