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Table 4 TGD Youth Socio-demographics & related characteristics

From: HIV prevention and HIV care among transgender and gender diverse youth: design and implementation of a multisite mixed-methods study protocol in the U.S.

 Total Sample
(n = 181)
Age in Years (range 16–24)20.692.23
Latinx/Hispanic Ethnicity5228.7
 American Indian/Alaska Native21.1
 Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander42.2
 Black or African American9351.4
 Another Race116.1
Sex Assigned at Birth
Gender Identity
 Non-Binary, Assigned Female Sex at Birth (Genderqueer, Genderfluid)147.7
 Non-Binary, Assigned Male Sex at Birth (Genderqueer, Genderfluid)3117.1
 Transgender female (Female, Transgender woman)10859.7
 Transgender male (Male, Transgender Man)2815.5
Sexual Orientation
 Gay/Lesbian/Same-Gender Attracted/Same-Gender Loving6234.3
 Questioning/Not Sure63.3
 Another Sexual Orientation3821.0
Low Family SES9753.6
Ward of the Court/State - Lifetime3519.3
Homeless - Lifetime9150.3
Current Student8848.6
Educational Attainment
 High School Degree or Less6133.7
 High School Degree or GED6938.1
 Some College or Technical School3821.0
 College Degree or More137.2
Sex Work - Lifetime8245.3