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Table 3 Variables collected in the study

From: The effectiveness of a digital shared decision-making tool in hormonal contraception during clinical assessment: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in Spain

Main variable Adherence to treatment:
• Compliance with dose and method of administration and
• Persistence in the duration of the prescribed treatment
Secondary variables Woman’s sociodemographic characteristics:
• Age
• Level of education
• Occupation
• Marital status/partner
Contact details
• Telephone
• Telephone 2
Medical history:
Uterine malformations
Obstetric and gynaecological history:
Menstrual pattern
Living children
Contraceptive method
Contraceptive method considered by the patient before counselling
Experiences with other methods
Woman’s attitude towards compliance (Morisky-Green treatment adherence test)
Contraceptive finally chosen
Incidents with the chosen method
Incident management
Decisional conflict
The woman’s decisional conflict in view of the choice of contraceptive method (O’Connor Scale)
And of the professional:
Satisfaction with the counsellor or clinician with the use of the digital SDMT (Likert scale)
Test of knowledge prior to and after fieldwork