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Table 4 A summary of the activities implemented within each school at 7 and 14 months

From: Process evaluation of the school-based Girls Active programme

  Support Activities Physical activities
School 1 By 7 months: presentation to staff to try and find other members of staff to get involved. By 14 months: peer leaders had held meetings, organised a suggestion box, hoodies, looked at PE content, talked to form groups. By 7 months: none. By 14 months: None but girls only extra-curricular club and a loyalty card for attendance planned.
School 2 By 7 months: teacher recruited another member of staff to assist, peer leader meetings once/week, posters advertising clubs, survey of opinions, looked at after school transport issue, looked at painting changing rooms, peer leaders went to head teacher to explain what they were planning. By 14 months: inspirational posters for changing rooms and every tutor room, PE teacher promotes Girls Active in PE lessons, weekly bulletins. By 7 months: new clubs (cheerleading, Zumba, dance, basketball) with external coaches delivering these (no longer operating at 14 months). By 14 months: just started a “Healthy Life Club” (once a week, walk/jog/run/talk to music) and an activity loyalty card.
School 3 By 7 months: peers leaders launch Girls Active in assembly, questionnaire to girls, girls ‘drop in’ sessions, designed new netball kit. By 14 months: reviewed PE kit policy and petitioned to get changes to the kit but head teacher did not approve changes, meeting between peer leaders and senior leadership team (planned), hoodies for peer leaders (planned next term) By 7 months: nothing. By 14 months: one-off sport relief event (ninja warrior course in the gym - 200 attendees), non-uniform sports day, yoga, dance and boxercise sessions (with lights turned off so no-one can see them doing it), changing some activities to make them girl friendly (planned next term).
School 4 By 7 months: asked girls that weren’t involved in sport what they wanted to do (teacher went round as many classes as possible with pen and paper), feedback from school stakeholder group (boys and girls); ensuring clubs take place indoors (in response to feedback); At 14 months: teacher plans to set up a reward scheme for regular attendance at clubs, plans for the Girls Council to present to Senior Leadership Team. By 7 months: girls only after school fit club. At 14 months: after school rounders club and dance club.
School 5 By 7 months: marketing during form time, assemblies, video displays around school, stand up banners with reminders to be active and where they can access information, designed a club board for the gym using local information on clubs. By 14 months: Nothing else done. By 7 months: taster and satellite sessions after school. By 14 months: one-off Sports Relief fitness challenge and peer leaders were planning a Zumba party.
School 6 By 7 months: nothing. By 14 months: assemblies, meetings, asking people what they wanted, posters/bulletins. By 7 months: nothing. By 14 months: “Thursday Club” (after school, different activities could be tried, 15–30 attend), peer leaders PE lesson.
School 7 By 7 months: external person did a session on marketing, meetings, planning of loyalty scheme. By 14 months: surveys of other pupils, bulletin board, posters, meetings, assembly, introduced loyalty scheme. By 7 months: already had lots of clubs so decided not to introduce more. By 14 months: one-off taster sessions (~ 25 girls attend) e.g., Zumba, hula, yoga (spread throughout one term), about to run a “Girls Active day” (June 2016) for all girls in the school with lots of tasters sessions and quizzes and prizes e.g., cheerleading, trampolining, Zumba, boxercise.
School 8 By 7 months: questionnaire to all girls, changes to PE kit policy, whole school reward initiative. By 14 months: a second whole school reward initiative was being implemented from Easter where students could receive a range of different rewards for participation in any clubs (not just physical ones) e.g., free skipping ropes, footballs, basketballs, cricket stumps, art packs, lunch queue jump. By 7 and 14 months: no additional physical activities (i.e., clubs) delivered.
School 9 By 7 months: peer leader hoodies, assembly to girls, changes to PE kit, meetings, teacher spoke to staff at a CPD event, questionnaire to girls, external badminton player came in and did inspirational talk to 20 girls from years 8 and 9 (those who were not engaged but had influence), weekly challenge to say something positive to someone in their lesson, using staff as role models e.g., if they have done something active display it on the school TV screens. By 14 months: posters and MOODLE pupil online bulletin boards. By 7 months: dodgeball and gymnastics club (around 30 attendees at each), fitness challenge in form time e.g., plank and wall sit challenge (whole school). By 14 months: reward card scheme, activity day, promotion of existing clubs.
School 10 By 7 and 14 months: nothing done. By 14 months: nothing done.