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Table 2 The final coding structure

From: Process evaluation of the school-based Girls Active programme

Main code – level 1 Sub code – level 2 Sub code – level 3
Training events Initial training event Idea provoking
Sharing experiences
Lack of implementation timeline
Too flexible
Peer review event Disappointment at cancellation of first event
Sharing experiences
Peer leader event Enjoyable
More time to dedicate to sharing experiences
Ongoing support YST support Valuable
Additional ideas
Problem solving
Mentoring came too late in implementation
Resource folder Ideas for implementation
Used at start
Action plan Time consuming
Money Funding tight for schools
Want money to last as long as possible
Activities as part of GA Physical activities Girls only clubs
New clubs (short duration)
Taster sessions
Activity days/one-off events
Support activities (not PA) Loyalty card and prizes (reward schemes)
Suggestion box
Changing physical environment
Clothing for peer leaders
Bulletin board
Surveys/canvassing opinions
Marketing through assembly
Peer leader group Chose sporty/active/engaged girls
Teacher reluctant to delegate
Meetings Peer leader group
Form groups
Peer leaders with head teacher
PE related Looked at content
Uniform review
Barriers/challenges Logistics Timetable restrictions
School buses
Attendance at training days
Access to gym/space
Providing variety
Creating widespread awareness
Getting peer leaders together
Lack of time Life gets in the way
Takes a lot of time
“competing demands” (wider school commitments)
Wish had dedicated more time for programme
Curriculum Fit of changes with national curriculum
Interpersonal Peer leaders feel judged
Peer leaders feel responsible if can’t deliver what other want
Peer leaders feel pressure to meet diverse needs
Girls feel judged
Fear of losing friends
Attitudes Gender stereotypes
Getting girls to come
Buy-in from other teachers Not viewed as priority
Organisation Knowing what to do
Lack of timeframe for implementation
Having other teams to play
Facilitators Support From teachers (Peer leaders)
Other teachers and senior management (teachers)
External (from YST)
Feeling part of something bigger  
Being monitored  
What is Girls Active? Choice  
Promoting girls activity Speaking out for girls
Encourage girls to do sport
Showing girls can do it
Motivating girls
Getting opinions
Measurement days Watches (GENEActiv accelerometers)
Find out how active girls are
Activities Loyalty cards
Fun activities
Sexist Not all boys play sport – should be given this opportunity too
Better kit  
Changing girls Get girls fitter
Get girls more active
Build confidence
Change PE
Impact/benefits Peer leaders Seeing changes
Role model
Sense of responsibility
Get out of class
Learning from other schools
Help others
Learning new PA skills
Developing organisation and planning skills
PE Less moans
Talking about health
None yet Late started
Needs time to see them
Increase attendance at clubs New faces at clubs
Good opportunity  
Boys Interest from boys