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Table 1 Process evaluation methods and number of participants involved (adapted from [10])

From: Process evaluation of the school-based Girls Active programme

Type of data Collected from Timing No. of Participants
School details including school environment Lead teacher, school records, Department of Education school census Baseline, 7 and 14 months
Training event resources Documents used at the training i.e. timetable, presentation, handouts During the training event
Training attendance and evaluation forms Training deliverer At the end of the training 1 training deliverer
Lead teachers at training At the end of the initial training day 7 teachers
Lead teachers at training At the end of the peer review event 7 teachers
Peer leaders At the end of the peer leader event 56 girls
Interviews Lead teachers 7 and 14 months 10 intervention
8 control at both time-points
Youth Sport Trust staff members 7 and 14 months 3 staff at each time-point
The Hub and development coach 7 and 14 months 1 staff member from Hub
1 development coach at both time-points
Focus groups (intervention schools only) Peer leaders 14 months 46 pupils from 8 schools (range 4–9)
Subgroups of evaluation sample 14 months 58 pupils from 8 schools (range 4–10)
A sample of boys 14 months 38 pupils from 6 schools (range 2–8)
Exit survey Girls of original sample in all intervention schools 14 month 722 pupils