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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Exploring adults’ experiences of sedentary behaviour and participation in non-workplace interventions designed to reduce sedentary behaviour: a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

Factor Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Purpose Include focus on Sedentary Behaviour (SB) and/or reduction of SB. Focus on physical activity (PA) but does not explore SB or sedentary time
Sample Adults (≥18 years), caregivers/friends/family in relation to SB in adults, health care professionals specific to SB in adults. Adults must have had first-hand experience of being sedentary and/or being involved in programmes designed to change SB. Children or adolescents (≤17 years), caregivers/family/friends in relation to SB in children, paediatric health care professionals
Workplace-based studies
Data collection Primary research studies using qualitative data collection methods for example, study data may be generated through interviews, focus groups, qualitative observational studies Solely quantitative methods.
Data analysis Qualitative methodology e.g. thematic, content, framework Solely quantitative methods. Descriptive accounts where no evidence of qualitative method or analysis
Format English and peer-reviewed. No date restrictions were applied Grey literature – posters, conference abstracts, supplements, book chapters, case studies, reviews, dissertations/ thesis, editorials