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Table 4 Analysis of variance (based on a Type-III error) to explain the perception of the current risk of Zika autochthonous cases at the department scale after a stepwise backward minimal model using a GLM procedure; n = 68 respondents, R2 = 0.171, AIC = 296.256. Autochthonous cases refer to the identification of dengue and/or chikungunya autochthonous cases in the previous year in the respondent’s department

From: Low to medium-low risk perception for dengue, chikungunya and Zika outbreaks by infectious diseases physicians in France, Western Europe

Source Mean Squares df F-ratio p-value
International airport 41.183 1 9.530 < 0.01
Autochthonous cases 31.814 1 7.362 < 0.01
Error   65 3.726