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Table 2 Associations of perceived willingness to self-sample throat swab

From: Understanding the attitudes and acceptability of extra-genital Chlamydia testing in young women: evaluation of a feasibility study

VariableWillingness n(%)Unwillingness n(%)Unsure n(%)Chi-square statistic (df)p-value
Previous positive STI test (n = 422)Yes n(%)105 (94.1)9 (7.3)b9.11 (2)0.01
No n(%)250 (83.1) 6 (75.0)51 (16.9)b
Sexuality (n = 422)Heterosexual n(%)311 (88.4)16 (4.5)25 (7.1)7.97 (2)0.02
Othera n(%)53 (75.7)6 (8.6)11 (15.7)
  1. a(including bisexual, gay, lesbian, those who prefer to self-describe or not disclose)
  2. bAggregated with women who were unsure due to sparse data for some options