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Table 1 Examples of studies on, and syntheses of, surveillance for I. scapularis ticks, B. burgdorferi and Lyme disease cases in Canada. These include studies conducted or funded by Federal or Provincial public health organisations. These do not include articles on detection of ticks and pathogens by researchers independent of public health organisations. A active field surveillance for ticks, P passive tick surveillance, H human case surveillance, Ph phylogenetic analysis, S synthesis. Province abbreviations are AB Alberta, BC British Columbia, SK Saskatchewan, MB Manitoba, ON Ontario, QC Quebec, NB New Brunswick, NS Nova Scotia

From: What is the real number of Lyme disease cases in Canada?

Year of surveillance/analysis Province Type of surveillance data Article/website and reference number
1990–2003 Canada P Ogden et al. 2006 Ref [62]
1990–2008 Canada A, P Leighton et al. 2012 Ref [63]
1991–2012 Canada A, P Bouchard et al. 2015 Ref [81]
1996–2008 QC A, P, Ph Ogden et al. 2010 Ref [67]
1996–2010 Canada A, P, Ph Ogden et al. 2013 Ref [68]
2004–2013 Canada A, P Ogden et al. 2014 Ref [64]
2005–2014 ON H Johnson et al. 2018 Ref [43]
2005–2015 AB, SK, MB A Gabriele-Rivet et al. 2017 Ref [82]
2007 QC A Ogden et al. 2008 Ref [83]
2007–2008 QC A Bouchard et al. 2011 Ref [84]
2007–2008 QC A, P Koffi et al. 2012 Ref [85]
2007–2008 QC A, P Bouchard et al. 2013 Ref [86]
2007–2012 QC A Bouchard et al. 2018 Ref [87]
2008–2012 ON P Nelder et al. 2017 Ref [88]
2008–2014 QC P Gasmi et al. 2016 Ref [89]
2009–2010 ON A Werden et al. 2014 Ref [90]
2009–2012 Canada A, H Ogden et al. 2015 Ref [40]
2009–2014 QC A, P, H Ripoche et al. 2018 Ref [91]
2009–2015 Canada A, H Gasmi et al. 2017 Ref [13]
2010–2016 ON P, H Kulkarni et al. 2019 Ref [92]
2013 QC A Ripoche et al. 2018 Ref [93]
2013–2017 ON A, P Schillberg et al. 2018 Ref [94]
2013–2014 BC A Morshed et al. 2015 Ref [95]
2013–2017 ON A, P Soucy et al. 2018 Ref [96]
2014 NB A Gabriele-Rivet et al. 2015 Ref [66]
2014 ON A Clow et al. 2016 Ref [97]
2014–2016 ON A Clow et al. 2017 Ref [65]
To the present AB A, P Alberta Health Ref [98]
To the present BC S British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Ref [99]
To the present SK A, P, H Saskatchewan Health Ref [100]
To the present QC A, P, H, S INSPQ Ref [101]
To the present ON A Public Health Ontario Ref [102]
To the present MB A, P, H, S Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Ref [103]
To the present NS A, P, H, S Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness Ref [104]
To the present NB A, P New Brunswick Health Ref [105]