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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Bibliometric analysis of cardiometabolic disorders studies involving NO2, PM2.5 and noise exposure

Connector Field Parameter
  Exposure terms NO2 OR “nitrogen dioxide” OR pm2. OR “fine particulate matter” OR “particulate matter 2.5” OR (noise AND (“db” OR “decibel” OR “sound level”))
AND MeSH or EMTREE medical terms of cardiometabolic health consequences sbp OR “systolic blood pressure” OR dbp OR “diastolic blood pressure” OR “pulse pressure” OR “blood pressure” OR hypertension OR cvd OR cardiovascular OR stroke OR ihd OR “ischemic heart disease” OR cerebrovascular OR “myocardial infarction” OR diabetes OR “glycosylated hemoglobin” OR hba1c OR “diabetes mellitus” OR dm OR “fasting insulin” OR “insulin sensitivity” OR “fasting glucose” OR “acute insulin response to glucose”
AND Publication date Jan 1994-Dec 2017
AND Publication type Journal article
NOT Publication type Review
AND All fields Humana
NOT All fields Animalb
AND Language English
  1. aterms such as human, patients, people or adolescent
  2. bterms such as dog, ferret, rabbit, or pig