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Table 1 Session content of the More and Less program and themes included in the MINISTOP app

From: A randomized controlled trial for overweight and obesity in preschoolers: the More and Less Europe study - an intervention within the STOP project

More and Less Parenting Program
Session Content
 1 Welcome and overview
 2 Food and play: When more? When less?
 3 Parents as teachers: cooperation and energy balance
 4 Parents as teachers: to teach children new behaviors
 5 Rewards and incentives
 6 Pre-teaching
 7 Parents as teachers: limit setting strategies
 8 Power struggles: to avoid and to handle them
 9 More support – Less stress
 10 Summary: parenting, food and play – to prepare for the future
Theme Content
 1 Healthy foods in general
 2 Breakfast
 3 Healthy small meals
 4 Physical activity and sedentary behavior
 5 Candy and sweets
 6 Fruits and vegetables
 7 Drinks
 8 Eating between meals
 9 Fast food
 10 Sleep
 11 Foods outside the home
 12 Foods at special occasions