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Table 2 Variables mapped across the three databases, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

From: Exploring the burden of fatal drowning and data characteristics in three high income countries: Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Variable Australia Canada New Zealand Included in study (√) Included in Utstein Guidelines (√) [23] Recommended core variables (√)
Case ID X X X   √ (Victim Identifier)
Data source    X    
Province, region, state/territory of drowning incident X X X    
Incident year X X X   
Date of incident (DD-MM-YYYY) X X X √ (Incident date and time of day)
Time of incident X     
Primary Cause of Death X X    
Contributory cause(s) of death X X     
Incident synopsis X X X    
Incident type    X    
Inquest number    X    
Age in years X X X   √ (Age -Birthdate)
Age group X X X  
Sex X X X √ (Sex)
Ethnicity X   X   √ (Race and ethnic categories)
First Nations Peoples X X X  
Residential status X X X   
Population Density (Urban/Rural) X X     
Location geographic X X X    
Water Depth   X     
Distance from Safety   X     
Wave conditions   X     
Water current   X     
Ice conditions   X     
Water Temp Range   X     
Light conditions   X     
Aquatic location category X X X  
Activity prior to drowning X X X  
Purpose of Activity (Daily Living, Recreational/Non-recreational)   X X    
Primary recreational activity   X     
Secondary recreational activity   X     
Daily Living Activity   X     
Occupational Activity   X     
Boating Causes   X     
Type of Boating Incident   X     
Watercraft Type X X     
Multiple Fatality Event – Yes/No/Unknown X X X   
If yes, number of fatalities X   X    
Lifejacket wear X X X   
Medical Condition (pre-existing, chronic) X X X √ (Preexisting illness)  
Hypothermia    X    
Victim Alcohol Involvement X X X  
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) X X     
Alcohol Involvement by Companions X X     
Victim Drug Involvement X X X  
Type of drug (legal, not legal) X X     
Type of drug (name) X X     
Victim swimming ability X X     
Resuscitation enacted – Yes/No/Unknown   X X   
Beach Patrolled    X    
Pool Fencing X X X    
Supervision of children X X     
Commercial    X    
Occupation    X    
Purpose    X