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Table 1 Early years interventions

From: Use of progression criteria to support monitoring and commissioning decision making of public health services: lessons from Better Start Bradford

 A universal group programme to improve healthy eating and physical activity in young children 0-to-4 year olds. Eight weekly sessions are delivered in community settings.
Perinatal Support Service
 Targeted support for pregnant women and mothers of babies under 1 year old at risk of mild/moderate mental health issues. Includes one-to-one support and signposting to appropriate services.
Talking Together
 Universal screening for language delay of 2 year olds; an in home programme for parents with children at risk of delay. Aims to foster positive parent-child interactions and supportive home environments that enrich children’s early language development.
Welcome to the World
 A universal nine-week antenatal course intended to support parents-to-be in the transition to parenthood. Intended outcomes are improved parental wellbeing with less anxiety/depression; confidence in infant care; improved sense of attachment; improved couple relationship; and greater intention to breastfeed.
Personalised Midwifery Care Pilot
 A statutory offer of personalised midwife care by a named midwife or back up buddy who provides continuity of care for women throughout the antenatal and postnatal periods aimed at improving maternal mental health and optimising satisfaction with the pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.
Home-Start Better Start
 Targeted peer support for vulnerable women. A volunteer-based support programme consisting of weekly home visits for venerable families with young children or pregnant women, to provide a ‘helping hand’ to a broad range of factors (including domestic support, friendship and support in a number of situations such as teenage pregnancy, language difficulties, psychopathology, psychosocial problems, substance use, domestic violence, deprivation, isolation). Aims to promote a healthy and supportive family environment for children by improving parents’ coping skills, to ensure healthy child development.
Better Start Imagine
 Universal book gifting and book sharing sessions. Better Start Imagine provides monthly book gifting to the homes of all 0–4 year olds. It is aimed at improving child-parent interactions, parents’ confidence with books, children’s social interactions and language and communication skills in children.
Bradford Doulas
 Targeted support in late pregnancy, birth and post-natally for vulnerable women provided by volunteers. Aimed at improving outcomes at each of these stages, including satisfaction, intention to breast feed and attachment.
ESOL+ for pregnancy
 A targeted English language course for women with little or no English during pregnancy. Aims to help pregnant women whose first language is not English communicate with midwives and doctors, engage with key health messages and learn about British systems and practices.
Family Nurse Partnership
 Intensive home visiting for vulnerable women aged < 25. Better Start Bradford is one of 11 sites nationally that implements an adapted model of Family Nurse Partnership (FNP): FNP ADAPT (increasing flexibility in eligibility and approach).
 A targeted, perinatal healthy eating and parenting course for overweight mums with a BMI over 25 kg/m2. Aimed at reducing the risk of obesity in children. It is a 12 session antenatal and post-natal group-based programme delivered in community settings.
Baby Steps
 A targeted perinatal parent education programme for vulnerable parents. Delivered during and after pregnancy via home visits and eight group sessions.
Cooking for a Better Start
 A universal cook and eat sessions over 6 weekly sessions aimed at reducing barriers to cooking experienced by some families by providing knowledge, skills, and equipment
Forest School Play Project
 Universal outdoor play in the natural environment for 2-3 year old children and parents to increase levels of physical activity and reduce the risk of obesity.