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Table 3 Differences in outcome changes from baseline to follow-up between the intervention and control sites

From: The impact of a new exercise facility on physical activity at the community level: a non-randomized panel study in Japan

Items Odds ratios for the interaction term between the site and time a P
% of those who met the PA guideline 1.01 (0.86, 1.19) 0.91
% of those who engaged in MVPA 0.96 (0.84, 1.09) 0.51
% of those who perceived availability of PA facilities 1.20 (1.03, 1.40) 0.02
% of those who were aware of others being active 1.19 (0.97, 1.46) 0.09
% of those who were willing to engage in PA 0.96 (0.79, 1.17) 0.69
  1. a Analyses adjusted for gender, age, education level, marital status, employment status, BMI, and self-rated health (reference: control site)